Screen vs. Digital

Screen vs. Digital

Screen vs. Digital

What’s the BEST option for your large format printing?

What’s the BEST option for your large format printing?

To answer this you’ll want to consider a number of factors including:

Choose on the merits of image needs, durability… and budget.

Its true that screen printing and digital printing are two popular methods used to produce high quality materials. Lower volumes, personalized images with a crisp image are well suited for digital printers.

Screen Printing is budget friendly

Generally, screen printing method is usually always lower cost method than digital when producing more than 100 units of a larger format. That because the equipment costs and maintenance, process costs and inks are usually lower overall. Lower overheads mean lower cost. Consumable environmentally friendly inks are very efficient during the printing process versus digital chemically engineered plastic cartridges or ink boxes. Production speeds of screen printers are generally faster, especially in larger format deadlines. Getting on press is faster now too as Strada utilizes efficient digital colour separation methods and direct to screen technologies.

Quality Image – Think application

Higher quantity coupled with large size really lends itself to the screen-printing format. When coupled with direct-to screen imaging technology, the printed image result is also amazing highlighting vibrant rich colours. When adding special spot colour sparkle effects or clearcoat varnish effects (like dripping water on a cold drink), then screen print is your clear choice.

Size & Substrate Does Matter

Large format, heavy ink coverage, multi colour, high volumes, thick substrate – all perfect for a screen-printing application at Strada Printworks. Typically, digital print methods have size, production speed and substrate limitations. No roll-to roll transfer to substrate needed, so bring on the corrugated or coroplast or styrene.

Durability – Screen Inks Image Long Lasting

Screen inks are engineered & developed with UV protections making them more resilient when exposed to destructive UV light. Digital printing inks have real issues defending itself to these UV rays, thus progressively, sharp images will fade in these light conditions.

Large Format Screen Printing

Multiple presses and our unique 4-colour in line large format screen press. Typically, 52” x 148” print size onto on multiple substrates including coroplast, styrene, acetate, and card stocks.

Specialty finish applications such as spot colour, coatings and sparkle takes your images beyond next level! Of course, all presses equipment is maintained by industry professionals to ensure optimum performance capabilities.


Large Format Digital Printing

Both Roland and HP Latex Technology are at your service. With a maximum width of 64 inches on a roll-to-roll- feed, the possibilities are unlimited. Fast reprints are best suited for digital printers


Screen vs. Digital Comparison

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Small size, low volume Limitations to print size and toner colours. Though expensive, it is an acceptable option for lower-size substrates and print volumes
Large format, any volume Durable, full colour and specialty spot effects, lowest unit cost
Prepress Speedy digital direct-to-screen colour separations for quick-to-press needs. Specialty graphic effects needed for digital setup
Productivity – Large Format – Full colour 250-400 per hour finished units
Specialty Effects Screen print by far is best for special finish needs. UV coating, spot effects, 3D
UV Exposure (indoor lights and outdoor sun) Digital inks fade when exposed to harmful lighting. Screen print inks are designed for long-lasting brilliance and resistance to UV light. That’s why traffic signs are made with UV-based inks
Environmental Responsibility Water-based organic inks, low VOC
Unit Print Cost Overall, screen printing is a budget stretcher on mid to larger volumes. Its easy-to-get great results, fast productivity, beautiful images and generally has a lower overall unit cost

View Case Studies

Dripping Wet Beverage Bottle

PROBLEM: Digital printing of an ice-cold beverage could not effectively produce the convincing 3D effect of icy water drops condensing on the bottle

SOLUTION: Digital print the image. Then screen-sprint apply a precise clearcoat UV droplet creating a 3D illusion of dripping water on the bottle – now a refreshing drink!

Limited Edition Concert Posters With Unique ID

PROBLEM: Customer wanted traditional full colour screen-printed posters with hand-numbering control counts.

SOLUTION: Strada’s SIAS 4-Colour in line printer got the job done. Then a steady hand to apply the limited-edition counts. Genuinely authentic – just like in the 60’s.

2 Colours on 2 Sides Screen Printing

PROBLEM: Single Colour presses would require 4 passes of the substrate material and an incredible print master’s eye to line up registration. Too slow, too costly, too risky.

SOLUTION: A multi colour in-line screen press like Strada’s. Each side prints 2 colours in precise registration. An auto stacker (not manual) will ensure quick second side print.  This is especially essential when subsequent guillotine cutting is required. Fast, precise with outstanding results. Full substrate options over digital print method.

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